300 Tuffy 

The original Tuff Tender was designed for use as a tender vessel for larger craft, however because of its incredible stability and shallow draft it soon became popular with fisherman who wanted a small go anywhere boat to reach those hard to access areas.
The new and improved 300 Tuffy still keeps the DNA of the Tuff Tender regarding its incredible stability while also adding improved features with fisherman in mind with extra storage facilities and casting deck. The cast deck and rear seats all have usable storage with water repellent raised lips to keep things dry, and the hull shape has been improved for better performance.
All the internal and gunwale surfaces are non-slip, and the hand rails are more usable than its predecessor. Other features include through hull drainage in anchor well, easy boarding via the larger rear steps, drainage channel on floor, divider option for front storage compartment, wide gunwales and a recessed tow eye.



The unique hull design features pronounced reverse chines which contribute to unmatched stability at rest. The reverse chines also promote lift when accelerating onto the plane and allow for tighter cornering at high speed.

Soft Ride

Polycraft boats feature a unique, soft ride. Polycraft boats flex to absorb the impact of the sea, just like the shock absorbers on your car deflect the jarring from potholes in the road.

Less Noise

Polycraft’s dual wall hull absorbs both engine noise and the noise of the sea. This results in a quieter ride and a more enjoyable day on the water. If fishing is your passion you quietly approach your favourite fishing spot and not scare off the fish.


Polyethylene has natural buoyancy and will float unaided when placed in water. The unique dual wall construction traps air in the cavity between the dual walls and helps contribute to buoyancy.


Polyethylene has been independently tested to show five times the impact resistance of fibreglass. A Polycraft boat will retain its strength for may years.

Low Maintenance

Polyethylene is very easy to maintain, clean and repair. In addition, it is less susceptible to marine growth than many other materials.

Inert Material

Polyethylene is an inert material that is not affected by electrolysis which can be found in aluminium boats or osmosis that can affect fibreglass boats. In the harsh marine environment a Polycraft will keep looking good for longer.

UV Stabilised     

Polycraft boats are manufactured from UV stabilised marine grade polyethylene designed for extended use in direct sunlight. The colour is part of the material and will never need painting.

Dual Skin Hull

unique dual wall hull is manufactured in one piece. There are no seams, welds or joins so the hull is extremely strong and durable. 

Hull Warranty

If used for recreational purposes, Polycraft offers a four year manufacturer’s warranty. A one year warranty applies for commercial use (refer www.polycraft.com.au/
warranty-conditions). Increase you standard 4 year hull warranty to 6 years, refer to page 16.


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