RodRak- Holds 2 Rods -

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The RodRak is an expandable fishing rod/pole storage system
for hanging your rods from any vertical or horizontal surface.
Store your fishing rods/poles on the shed or garage walls, under the cabin
roof, inside the gunnel or any other place you screw to. The hooks can
be set up as standalone or joined together. Using 4mm bungee cord
you can also set up an extra retention band (not supplied).
• Flexible inserts to protect rod grip/handle and tips.
Also allows easy stow or removal
• Holds rod grips from 25mm – 38mm (1-1.5 in)
• Holds gaffs, boat hooks, nets or paddles
• Stackable for multiple rods
• Works on vertical or horizontal surfaces
• UV Stabilised
• Suits all rod lengths
• Fasteners supplied